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1000s of real properties with 100+ features for every property. Compare options side-by-side like mobile phones and cars! Real properties, real photographs, accurate information.

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Click a button for assisted site visits of your shortlisted properties. Our experienced professional executives guide you through the entire process of search and selection.

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Benefit from our market knowledge; negotiate nothing less than optimum terms of your lease. For the 1st time in India, you can also eNegotiateTM your office lease too!


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Corporate Leasing QubeStack India

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Focussed exclusively on Office Leasing, we are an end-to-end Commercial Property Leasing Brokerage - No Distractions Please!

One-For-One, so you don't see duplicates, fakes or incompletes. Inside-out & outside-in features, more than 100 of them, with real recent photographs, so you shortlist without stepping out. Visit ONLY what you like, go ahead and Book Site Visit online. Go-Direct, make your best offer: eNegotiateTM. What's more, manage your Portfolio too!

Welcome to QubeStack, using technology to EMPOWER YOU!!!

Why QubeStack

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End To End Corporate Leasing

QubeStack is a full stack search to settle corporate leasing service. With deep presence across Delhi NCR & access to all major cities in India, we are a one stop solution for office leasing requirements.

100+ Features, 100% Verified

Unmatched detail, physically verified by QubeStack. All properties on QubeStack are inspected and 100+ features captured. Use our powerful search filters for accurate results & sharpest search ever.

Office Leasing ONLY

"QubeStack" or "Stack of Cubicles" is laser focused on office leasing. We leverage technology to ensure transparency, detail & professionalism. Experience the difference, experience QubeStack.

No Broker Listings - No Duplicates

We make all the efforts to ensure you see only genuine listings of what’s available. Only properties directly offered by Owners appear on QubeStack. No Fakes - No Duplicates!

100% Market Coverage

Millions of square feet has been inspected and verified by our trained officers across 1000s of office properties available for rent. Deepest details with widest market coverage.

First Time in India

Skip the Chinese whisper. Use the eNegotiateTM feature to make your leasing offer directly to landlords anonymously! Our executives are always a call away to assist you too!

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