About Us

Welcome to Qubestack!

QubeStack is disrupting the way Commercial Real Estate Leasing works! We eliminate fakes and present only genuine leasing options in your preferred locations, and offer the deepest, most authentic information at your fingertips,without the hassle of sifting through incomplete, inconsistent or even worse, listings for non-existent properties!

Presenting QubeStack, the fastest growing, most comprehensive commercial property leasing portal, offering a wide range of verified commercial real estate for businesses to establish, expand and flourish. We leverage technology with deep market knowledge and information, to present a compelling value proposition for owners, tenants and real estate developers!

What is Qubestack?

Well, everything!

Most online commercial real estate leasing players offer prospective Business Tenants only half hearted solutions that are offered as a ‘Side Dish’ to their ‘ Residential Main Course’. Unwieldy search filters only throw up ill-fitting options that hardly ever come close to the real requirements. Asymmetric information across multiple listings makes comparisons impossible or at best, unreliable. The result, existing listing services end up being little more than a yellow pages of broker contacts!

Enter QubeStack – a new way to find, shortlist, negotiate and finalise the best-fit available in the entire neighbourhood!