QubeStack, or a ‘stack of cubicles’, is the simplest way to lease an office FAST! Simply search for your preferred neighborhoods in one of our locations and discover property options from the largest database of verified property listings in India. An online brokerage like no other.
Much more actually. We are an end to end real estate brokerage focused on Commercial Property Leasing. You do have the most comprehensive listings of available supply in the city here, but with a huge difference. We do not permit front-end website submissions and actively restrict any fake listings from brokers. We respect your time and take every feasible step to ensure only authentic real supply gets displayed.

So what you see on QubeStack is ALWAYS physically verified and never posted by a person who is not an owner of the property or his/her representative.
Exactly! We understand the frustration of a tenant searching for an office and discovering only broker numbers on every other real estate portal. Infested with broker posted property listings, other real estate portals display practically anything, without any credible or effective checks to weed out junk. Most of the properties are either fake or ‘just got taken’ a few days ago.
We believe that office lease is a long term commitment and several considerations go into choosing an office. We therefore ease your search by providing verified details of every property nearly to the level of investigation! Primary details like budget, furnishing, real recent photographs apart we also provide the deepest details like number of windows, number of workstations, meeting rooms, proximity to metro stations etc. Go ahead and use the most powerful search filters, unmatched by any other, to narrow down options from thousands of properties available on QubeStack.
Great, you may now save the property as a ‘Favorite’ and even compare your chosen options side by side just like you compare mobile phones or cars! You may go ahead and make a booking for a site visit online too. Our executives will get in touch with you to understand your business requirements and then propose more options if you so wish while arranging for the site visit as per your convenience.

Further, you could also choose to send your initial offer to lease the property directly to the landlord / property owner as well by using the eNatogiate™ feature!
This is a first of a kind feature in India and perhaps the world. You may draft an offer to lease your chosen property and send the same to the landlord right from your desktop! The landlord can then respond back to you with a counter offer or acceptance. Our executives will always be available should you need any assistance with the eNegotiation.
The contact details or the address of the properties are never displayed on QubeStack. Revealing contact information of the landlords, or their property addresses compromises their privacy and will likely inundate them with pesky calls even from property dealers and brokers. QubeStack representatives will ascertain your exact requirements and propose only those properties that meet the stated needs.
Sure. We are an online brokerage offering the convenience of searching and shortlisting properties with the assurance that everything is genuine. Offline physical assistance is offered with a smile and our trained executives will assist you with site visits, negotiations, right through to documentation and deal closure.
We can service your leasing requirements pretty much anywhere in the country. Contact us to know more on how we can take care of your leasing needs.

Having said that, our online platform currently covers three cities. We have deep presence in Gurgaon and Noida with millions of square feet published on the website. We have commenced our operations in South Delhi as well and are increasingly adding more depth to our reach in the city.
Thousands of landlords, property owners and developers have trusted QubeStack to display their properties on QubeStack.com and have gained access to a sharp relevant audience. Scores of tenants visit QubeStack every day to search and discover options. You may please submit ‘List Your Property’ request and our executives will arrange for a physical site inspection.
You’ll appreciate that to diarize over 100 features accurately for every single property covering all major aspects that are sought after by a prospective tenant takes some time. We do not do a superficial ‘verification’ and prefer to be detailed enough to really add value to our customers. While time required will vary basis the size of the property, it could typically take around 20 minutes.
We are a Professional Brokerage outfit and try very hard to offer the most professional services to our client. Upon successful leasing of an office, we charge a brokerage fee. Please contact us, for more details on the same.